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India’s top Paid Online Survey Portal rolls out Facebook Contests

Hashtag. Like. Comment. Share. This is the language the current tech-savvy generation speaks in. Social media is an ever-growing channel which brands leverage to effectively communicate and engage with their customers.  Read More

Make Money on Mobile! Download Survey App Now

The smartphone has taken over and replaced dozens of gadgets that were an indispensable part of our lives. We no longer use watches, calendars, bulky landlines, camera, radio, music players, calculator, and flashlight, to name a few. Read More

The World of Paid Online Surveys – Earn Rewards & Get Free Vouchers

Paid online surveys are one such medium where you can earn rewards and get free vouchers without making any upfront investments or compromising any of your confidential information. Read More

Surveys on the Go – Make Money Online through Paid Survey

It is easy to get overwhelmed by choice and cram your phone with every available app. Studies have shown that the average person has about 40-60 apps on their smartphones and uses at least 30 apps each month. Read More

Zippy Opinion Rewards Program - 10 Ways to Earn Online!

Hey there! Welcome to Zippy Opinion where we reward every consumer. If you are here, it either means that you are a Zippian looking to increase your Zippy Points, or you are a prospective Zippian who wants to know more about our platform before joining. Read More

Best Paid Online Survey Portal in the USA – Zippy Opinion

Have you ever wanted to voice your opinions about the services provided to you or the products you use? Did you hear about that friend who makes some good money by only answering questions on the internet? Read More

Paid Online Surveys: How it Works and Why You Should Register?

The last time you used a particular product or enlisted a service, did you face any difficulties using it? Or were you sad when your favorite manufacturer phased out that flavor of milkshake you loved so much? Read More.

How to earn money through paid surveys?

Do you spend a lot of time on the internet? On an average, how much time do you spend each day laughing at funny memes or videos with cute cats? Do you drop a comment stating your opinion about the content? Read More.