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5 ways you make an impact in this world

The world we live in can make us feel insignificant. Each of us ask ourselves a few questions either from time to time or on an everyday basis-

  • Am I living my best life?

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Starbucks and its Origin Story

Americans consume about 400 million cups of coffee per day. Let that sink in.

Starbucks have established itself as a coffee making-giant in not just the American market, but on a global scale as well. They are only growing and growing in their chain of retail stores.  Read More..

How exactly do paid surveys work?

While it is a mystery to many of us, we’re left wondering how some of the best paid survey sites in the world like Zippy Opinion give away money for something as simple as answering as online survey.  Read More..

High Paying Jobs in 2021

COVID has taken a hit on jobs in the country. It is very unfortunate. However, it isn’t the end of the world for some professions which pay high. If you’re looking for a switch in your career or even just confused to take up studying for a career path in a high paying job, then you’re in the right place.   Read More..

Best ways to save Money when you’re in a foreign country

So you’ve decided to take a vacation to a foreign land and immerse yourself in the culture, food and clothing of the people. Maybe you want to travel to an exotic location with your loved one(s).  Read More..

Legitimate Online Earning Platforms in India

However you see it, it isn’t easy to earn money online. While there may be plenty of ways that you can earn, most ways to earn seem to be scams. There is a way to tackle this. And you’re already taking a step in the right direction by reading this blog. Read More..

What does Zippy Opinion do with your Opinion?

Zippy Opinion is one of the best paid survey sites out there. Members can participate in our online consumer surveys, share their opinions on products with their favorite brands, earn money online, and win free vouchers and other exciting rewards!  Read More..

5 Famous Brands and their Origins

If you’re a Zippy Opinion member and take surveys to get paid, you know that brands all over want to know what you want and what you need so that they can make their product or service better catered to you.  Read More..

3 Important Figures that made their Opinion heard

It’s a bright afternoon with rays of sunlight glistening down through the gap between the leaves of the massive tree outside. As we write this, we see that while the sunlight is only about to cut through the open patches between the trees, it isn’t able to cut through the leaves huddled up together.  Read More..

Clever Brand Product Placements in Movies you didn’t notice

Being a member of one of the best paid survey sites in the world, we’re sure you get asked a lot of questions and surveys about brands and their products, services and competitors.  Read More..

7 ways to deal with COVID Anxiety

While the world is still trying to recover from the pandemic, we’re all just trying to cope with most things that make us feel like we’re trapped within the 4 walls that we’re desperately trying to move out from.   Read More..

7 Unbelievably Expensive things in the World

Come on, let’s admit it. We’re very curious what expensive some of the things in the world are. We know we can’t afford them at their ridiculous prices but it’s interesting and fun to know how priced up some very valuable things in the world are.   Read More..

5 Celebrities that are Universally Loved

There are plenty of reasons to love celebrities. However, throughout the year, they also receive their fair share of criticism. Being in the spotlight is like a double-edged sword.   Read More..

How paid surveys help you earn a side income

Simply put, paid surveys are nothing but surveys you take online and get paid for. All you have to do is answer a few questions and you get paid some easy money. You don’t need to be at any office.   Read More..

The Best Gifts you can give this Father’s day

Father’s Day, introduced in June 1910 in the United States of America pays tribute to the paternal bond, connections, and sentiments that outlay the paternal figures in our life.  Read More..

Here’s how this Paid Survey Panelist makes Easy Money

Rahul registered to Zippy Opinion in 2017 and has been happy with the money he’s been getting for his opinions. He has been consistently earning about INR 500-1000 every month with minimal effort.  Read More..

How do Paid Survey Sites give away Money?

If you’ve heard of the term ‘Paid Surveys’ before, then you’re absolutely in the right place.  Read More..

Zippy Opinion’s take on Crypto: A worthwhile read

We’ve all heard about Cryptocurrencies. This topic has been trending ever since the unprecedented rise of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other such cryptocurrencies.  Read More..

Why you need to JOIN the Zippy Opinion Community Today

May Day Schmay-day. What’s so important about this day? Why does every company in the world consider this day a holiday? Are there any significances to this? Is the concept of this holiday new? Are there any other historical significances to this day?  Read More..

Why is May Day considered a Holiday?

The Zippy Opinion Community is an online community, exclusive to Zippians – as we fondly call ourselves. Here, you can engage with other Zippians, interact with the brand and take part in fun-filled activities — win vouchers and Zippy Community Points for every engagement you have on this Community.  Read More..

Top 10 Surprising Facts on Human Beings

Human beings are a different class of species altogether. Right from our awareness of life and the ability to be sentient, we tend to understand and feel things differently when compared to other species on this beautiful ball of green and blue we call planet Earth.  Read More..

Here’s why Every Survey Panelist needs to Download AvidOpinion

Paid surveys are universal. Anyone can actually take up paid surveys and start earning online from it. It’s something that most people don’t know but should! We can only take advantage of tools and benefit from services that we know of.  Read More..

8 Ways to get the Most out of Zippy Opinion

You’ve been taking paid survey up for a long time. You get a lot of surveys but you’re either screened out or disqualified from it before you know it (*sad noises*). But have you ever wondered why this is?  Read More..

10 Most Common Questions on Every Survey Panelist's Mind

Being a survey panelist is easy for the most part, you get earn money online at the comfort of your home sparing just a few moments of your time. However, there are some puzzling questions and dilemmas that survey panelists have on their minds in the whole journey of a panelist’s life.  Read More..

Have an Opinion and Influence the World

“The price of fuel has gone up AGAIN!” “What? Weren’t the same amount of veggies only $25 two days ago? How can they cost $45 today?” These are just a couple of examples that most of us utter when it comes to a price rise in commodities and services (even necessities). Read More..

A Zippy Opinion Guide for New Members

If you’ve been a part of Zippy Opinion, then you’ve known for quite some time everything the platform has to offer you as a Zippian. However, if you’re new to the world of Zippy Opinion or surveys, then you’ve come to the right place. Read More…

Career vs Job – What’s the right pick?

For as long as we know, this question has pondered over the minds of each and every student and working professional. Do we submit to the daily norm of a 9-5 job and get paid and have our monetary needs met? Read More…

10 simple ways to make money online

Well, hey there reader! If you’re reading this, then you must be interested in looking out for ways to make some easy and simple ways to make money on the side to pay those pesky bills you get at the end of the month.  Read More…

Top 10 money-making mobile apps

An intro to money-making apps. Apps have become a household term today. From the previous generation telling us not to use our phones to now using them constantly themselves, the world has indeed changed!  Read More…

Why making money is more important than ever before

Money isn’t evil, it is merely a medium 💰 Many popular sayings dictate that money is evil. But we at Zippy Opinion stand to firmly believe that money isn’t evil.  Read More…

How the Rich made their money

Growing your money! What do the rich do to grow their money so much? Do they have an inheritance and are just plain lucky? Or are they self-made? Where have they invested their money in order to become billionaires? Read More…

10 Useful Hacks to help you Save Money

“Money can’t buy you happiness” This is a phrase that’s been used multiple times over. You’ve probably heard a lot of people say this ever since you were young. But is it really true? Let’s dig deeper into the matter. Read More…

20 Strange Animal Facts you didn’t know about

The animal kingdom is a large and vast place, although we can’t cover it all in real life, with the power of the internet, we can look it up and check out videos of the same.  Read More…

6 things that you saw coming and 6 things you didn’t in the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is an unfortunate event in history. It has caused everyone a lot of grief and we’re in a bad period of time that hasn’t been the case in at least 2 whole generations.  Read More…

7 Reasons Why Paid Surveys is THE Way to Make Money (2021)

The pandemic has been a key factor in bringing about the loss of jobs of a lot of people. It was sadly an unforeseeable circumstance nobody could’ve expected. Each and every person understood the worth and value of every penny in these dire times.  Read More…

6 Easy Ways to Deal with Procrastination

Odds are, you’ve probably heard this one too many times from people you work with or maybe even ones close to you. But have you ever wondered why you procrastinate? Some call it laziness. But is it really though? We beg to differ.  Read More…

Presenting The Brand New All In One AvidOpinion app

AvidOpinion is THE ONE APP for the world of survey takers. Are you a part of multiple survey sites but you have to download different apps for each and every paid survey website and platform?  Read More…

Do Online Surveys Really Help in Paying off Debt?

Debt and paid surveys. Hmmm… Doesn’t seem like there’s a lot of correlation between the two, is there? But let’s try to think beyond the box. Just because 1+1 doesn’t add up to two, doesn’t mean that it can’t be true. There are several ways to plan in paying off debt.  Read More…

Early Signs of Mental Illness & how you can prevent them Today

Mental Illness – Chances are you probably know someone who is suffering from it. But they weren’t always this way, were they? Studies have been conducted and found out that there are many signs that you could be going down the same path as you get older and wearier.  Read More…

Learn the Basic Differences between Questionnaires & Surveys Today

If you’re asking this question, then the answer is a BIG no! They are many differences between the two. They’re separate but related things, so to speak. But if you’ve stumbled onto this blog, then you’re definitely asking the right questions!  Read More…

The 6 most common marriage-ending Financial Issues

Let us be blunt about it. Marriage isn’t easy! It takes a lot of commitment, energy and financial stability to make it work between two individuals. There may be many issues that arise between married couples no matter how long they have been together. Read More…

Why Should You Follow Zippy Opinion on Social Media

Are you an online social butterfly? Or are you an inconspicuous and shy browser? Either way, there are no restrictions. Everyone is invited to join the Zippy party on social media! Read More…

9 Hottest Jobs During COVID-19

2020 was a tough year for all of us. The COVID-19 pandemic has and is still affecting all of our lives. However, if you’re out of a job and want to get hired immediately, we can give you some direction. Read More…

Your Ultimate Corporate Holiday Guide for 2021

2020 is now done and dusted and it’s time to begin 2021 with a bang! After a festive period, we mustn’t forget that we’re still in the middle of a pandemic and coronavirus still lingers and sadly still affecting people all over the world in various parts of each and every country. Read More…

Learn Why we are your Go-To Portal to Earn Rewards

Tick tock! Tick tock! Do you know what time it is? It’s time for you to get paid from surveys! There’s plenty of survey websites out there. But have you come across one that continuously offers you more and more rewards for a mere few minutes of your time? Well, we’re here to tell you about just that. Read More…

11 Secret Tips To Get Paid Easily Completing Surveys

In the words of a very famous survey taker- “To fill or not to fill… That is the question” Shhhh!! These are some insider secrets we’re only telling you on Zippy Opinion. Read More…

9 Ways To Earn Rewards Completing Online Surveys

Do you ever catch yourself feeling bored? What about feeling unproductive? Do you catch yourself thinking if you could do something with all that precious time being lost? You know that time and tide waits for no one. Read More…

Earning More Money Using Just Your Smartphone. A Dream or a Reality?

Let’s be honest, my peeps. If you’re earning a salary and want to be rich one day, you aren’t gonna do it by continuing with the daily grind. The odds are astronomical and against you. Read More…

Zippy Opinion: Your ONE-STOP shop to learn survey terminologies

So you’ve been taking surveys from various sites and earning some of that money or rewards from them. But gosh darn it! Sometimes, you see that you’re unable to take up some surveys, while others have different messages on why they could or couldn’t complete the survey. Read More…

Your #1 Guide to earning money online

Do you have some time to kill? Hit the close tab button on those hilarious cat videos (as funny as they are) and memes on your browser. Since you’re sitting at home and doing nothing anyway, how about you make your opinion and thoughts on various products, platforms and services known and get paid for it? Read More…

Take care of those PESKY petty bills through online surveys

“It’s the end of the month and I’m broke! I can’t wait for my salary to arrive!” Have you ever uttered these word before? Chances are, you probably have. But how did all the money get over? Read More…

How Do I Get Paid To Take Surveys Online?

Phillip (fondly called Phil), a teenager living in the heart of the Heritage city of South Brooklyn sat thinking of different ways he could make some extra money to gift his best friends something for the holiday season. Read More…

Zippy Opinion USA Community Launch – A Thanksgiving to Remember

A venture into new lands is always a risky one. But one which is rewarding is one worth exploring. Most of all, the experience as a whole is something to look forward to – To learn and grow together. Read More…

India’s top Paid Online Survey Portal rolls out Facebook Contests

Hashtag. Like. Comment. Share. This is the language the current tech-savvy generation speaks in. Social media is an ever-growing channel which brands leverage to effectively communicate and engage with their customers. Read More…

Make Money on Mobile! Download Survey App Now

The smartphone has taken over and replaced dozens of gadgets that were an indispensable part of our lives. We no longer use watches, calendars, bulky landlines, camera, radio, music players, calculator, and flashlight, to name a few. Read More…

The World of Paid Online Surveys – Earn Rewards & Get Free Vouchers

Paid online surveys are one such medium where you can earn rewards and get free vouchers without making any upfront investments or compromising any of your confidential information. Read More…

Surveys on the Go – Make Money Online through Paid Survey

It is easy to get overwhelmed by choice and cram your phone with every available app. Studies have shown that the average person has about 40-60 apps on their smartphones and uses at least 30 apps each month. Read More…

Zippy Opinion Rewards Program - 10 Ways to Earn Online!

Hey there! Welcome to Zippy Opinion where we reward every consumer. If you are here, it either means that you are a Zippian looking to increase your Zippy Points, or you are a prospective Zippian who wants to know more about our platform before joining. Read More…

Best Paid Online Survey Portal in the USA – Zippy Opinion

Have you ever wanted to voice your opinions about the services provided to you or the products you use? Did you hear about that friend who makes some good money by only answering questions on the internet? Read More…

Paid Online Surveys: How it Works and Why You Should Register?

The last time you used a particular product or enlisted a service, did you face any difficulties using it? Or were you sad when your favorite manufacturer phased out that flavor of milkshake you loved so much? Read More…

How to earn money through paid surveys?

Do you spend a lot of time on the internet? On an average, how much time do you spend each day laughing at funny memes or videos with cute cats? Do you drop a comment stating your opinion about the content? Read More…