Here's how this Paid Survey Panelist makes Easy Money

Here’s how this Paid Survey Panelist makes Easy Money

Rahul registered to Zippy Opinion in 2017 and has been happy with the money he’s been getting for his opinions. He has been consistently earning about INR 500-1000 every month with minimal effort. But how is he able to consistently get this? And is there something you’re not doing that Rahul is? Let’s find out, shall we?

Now let’s be honest, getting paid through surveys isn’t gonna make you a fortune. This simply ensures that you get to make a little bit of money on the side along with your main income. After all, why wouldn’t you want to earn extra cash on the side while resting at the comfort of your home with very little to no effort?

So how was Rahul able to consistently earn money through paid survey sites?

Downloading AvidOpinion 📲

In today’s world, it’s a lot easier to download an app than to visit a website every time to check if surveys are available or not. It’s far more convenient. And Rahul has done just that to ensure he is the first to complete any surveys before the quota fills up. Not only that, he even gets easy access to the Zippy Opinion Community when contests and challenges are taking place. Furthermore, he gets exclusiveness with a certain bunch of Zippians when app-exclusive contests are taking place on the AvidOpinion App. If you’re looking to download the AvidOpinion app and log in to Zippy Opinion, then click on the links below:

Completing his profile 👤

Rahul knows that if he completes his profile, he’ll get surveys that are catered to his need and requirement. This ensures that his surveys never get terminated. He always completes whichever survey he gets invited to. He even got some Zippy Points for simply completing his profile. You can even get rewarded for something as simple as that!

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Quick Response 🏎️

Since Rahul has registered to Zippy Opinion through AvidOpinion on his phone, he makes sure that he takes up surveys as soon as he gets notified either through email, in-app notification or via text message. He takes up the invited survey as early as possible so he avoids seeing the quota full message on completing his survey.

Diligently reading the survey and participating ✅

Rahul initially experienced some tough love with this. At first, he used to simple tick on a random option without reading the survey and complete it. However, he used to get terminated from the survey as he had not honestly looked at the survey and answered truthfully using his opinion.

Participate in Social Media Contests 🎉

Rahul always participates in social media contests run by Zippy Opinion, one of the best paid survey sites in the world. They are fun to take part in and gives him the opportunity to interact with other survey participants. The best of all, he gets rewards on winning these contests.

Participate in Community events 🎊

Rahul always takes the time to engage in the Zippy Opinion Community events such as polls and contests. This earns him quite a bit of Zippy points and vouchers. He also gets to give his insights on various topics that have implications on the real world as he knows his opinions carry a lot of weight.

Aim to be the Zippy Top Fan 🏆

As a bonus, Zippy Opinion also awards members for interacting and engaging the most on all its channels and platforms. The Zippy Top fan is a prestigious award for the Zippian who has gone through thick and thin communicating with the Zippy Opinion. For being the Zippy Top Fan, a hardworking member gets awarded the title as well as rewards for reaching the pinnacle of Zippiness. Rahul has not yet won this award but is actively participating in order to grab this opportunity and take it by the scruff of the neck. Likewise, other paid survey platforms may also offer such rewards so keep a close look out for this.

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Take Part in #ZippyTalk 🗣️

#ZippyTalk is an initiative by Zippy Opinion where questions are asked to the panel member to understand what they’re loving on Zippy Opinion and what they don’t. Rahul ensures that he communicates to Zippy Opinion via #ZippyTalk if he isn’t able to get his payments on time, or even if he’s not receiving enough surveys. He also communicates on other events and channels of Zippy Opinion to tell them what he likes and what he doesn’t. All this can potentially make Rahul a Zippy Top Fan.

To Wrap it Up 👏

If you are serious about making an income on the side or even doing it as a source of entertainment, Zippy Opinion undeniably pays you to voice your thoughts.  We don’t know if you’ve been taking full use of this opportunity to make some dough. But if you’ve been doing it wrong, then Rahul’s example should serve a path to how to accurately and correctly ensuring you get the most out of your time at Zippy Opinion.

Is there anything you’d like to add to this? What are your thoughts on the matter? Let us know in the comments section below.


Tell me how I can become a ZIPPAN Today.

Just follow this link – – – ->> follow the steps laid out and that’s it. We’re Free, safe and most of all the most reliable as we all know.

Will I be spammed with undesired/unsolicited mails?

When you fill out a survey, Zippy Opinion uses your responses along with other participants’ responses to inform clients about consumer’s attitudes about their products or services. The registration information you fill out gives clients a general picture of what types of people filled out the survey: how many men versus women, average level of education, etc. We use your e-mail address to send you invitations to participate in new surveys and to contact you with messages about Zippy Opinion. We use your postal address to mail any survey-related incentives or product samples.

Are paid surveys worth the time?

You definitely won’t replace a full or a part-time job filing out paid surveys… that’s for sure. But hey at least you take care of those of those pesky electric bills, phone bills among others, that’s still helps A LOT!

Are there any membership rules I should know about?

The main principle for membership and the way we treat our members are based on honesty and authenticity.

We ask our members to answer our surveys honestly. With our quality checks in place, we ensure that surveys have been answered in an appropriate time, and sufficiently well. Members who do not follow these simple principles will risk having their account deleted and losing their reward(s).

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