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7 Unbelievably Expensive things in the World

Let Curiosity get the better of us for once

Come on, let’s admit it. We’re very curious what expensive some of the things in the world are. We know we can’t afford them at their ridiculous prices but it’s interesting and fun to know how priced up some very valuable things in the world are. In this blog, let’s take a look at some of the most expensive things in the world and gawk at how out of our reach they really are! So without further ado, let’s jump aboard the Zippy Opinion train and get this list started!

#1 Most Expensive Car 🚗

Most expensive car in the world, Bently Boat Tail

Cars are expensive to begin with in the first place. However, the types of cars available on the market can vary from regular commuter cars like the Toyotas to luxury cars like a Bentley or a Limo, the car market is flooded with various vehicles. However, the 2021 Rolls-Royce Boat Tail takes the cake when it comes to the most expensive car ever. Bringing home a value of $28 million, this is one car you do not want to see a scratch on! It’s called Boat Tail due to the car’s rear which is shaped like a J-class racing yacht.

#2 Most Expensive Private House 🏘️

Believe it or not, the most expensive house is in India! This house is located in Mumbai and has a value of roughly $1.2 Billion! With 27 floors over 37,000 square meters of space, Antilia is the home residence of Indian Billionaire Mukesh Ambani and his family. Of course, we know that Buckingham Palace in England is more valuable than Antilia. But we’re counting private residences only, whilst Buckingham Palace is funded for by the public.

#3 Most Expensive Mango

Most expensive mango, Miyazaki mango

Can you believe that fruits can be this costly?! The Miyazaki mangoes are purple-ish red in color and are the most sought-after mangoes in the world. Bred in Japan, Thailand, Philippines and India, 16 of these mangoes were sold for a whopping $20,121 in Brisbane! Talk about costing an arm and a leg! It is so exquisite and valuable that a Miyazaki mango farmer in Madhya Pradesh, India even deployed four guards and seven dogs to prevent the theft of these larger than life mangoes!

#4 Most Expensive Mask 😷

How can we not talk about the most expensive mask during the pandemic? Masks have become synonymous to preventing COVID in this pandemic. We’ve seen the prices of this now-essential commodity fluctuate. But an Israeli luxury jewelry brand has gone above and beyond by making a protective mask worth a mouth-watering $1.5 million! Embedded with 250 grams of 18k gold and set with 3608 natural black and white diamonds, this mask is truly one of a kind!

#5 Most Expensive Chair 💺

Conceptualized by the Irish designer Eileen Gray, this chair holds no prisoners when it comes to its price tag. Made of pure brown leather and solidified with a curvaceous wooden frame, the Dragon’s Seat was sold in an auction at Christie for a mind-blowing $27.8 million back in 2015!

#6 Most Expensive Number Plate

We’ve already covered the most expensive car above but how much will a mandatory accessory to this car cost you? We already know there’s various number plates that are more sought after than others. While vanity plates do set you back by a lot, nothing comes close to the value of the number plate. A license plate ‘AA9’ in Dubai was purchased at a mind-boggling $10 million!

#7 Most Valuable Panel Members 🙌

We don’t know how else to say this except that you Zippians are the best in the world when it comes to being members of a platform. If we’re completely honest, there simply isn’t a price for that. You’re invaluable to us! If you liked this blog, share it to your friends and family and hopefully, they’ll love it as well!

We hope you found this blog as interesting as we did. Do you have any other stories of expensive items in the world that only the richest of the rich can afford? Let us know in the comments section below.


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