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7 ways to deal with COVID Anxiety

While the world is still trying to recover from the pandemic, we’re all just trying to cope with most things that make us feel like we’re trapped within the 4 walls that we’re desperately trying to move out from. However, this isn’t the only t     hing that makes us as humans anxious. We go through this in various ways in which we can understand how to cope with the current state of things better and in a more controlled manner. Today, we at Zippy Opinion will try to help you help yourself in your mental thoughts and COVID anxiety.

COVID Anxiety, dealing with pandemic

1. Meditate 🧘🏻

There are many types of meditation, and depending on how much your anxiety is in system and at the moment, some might be more difficult than others to relax into.

Even spending 30 minutes a day meditating closing your eyes and coping with your thoughts can help you overcome the dearth of the pain of reality, this can help you gain massive insight into yourself and help you cope with the stress and fear of COVID-19 anxiety.

2. Gain COVID knowledge 👨‍🎓️

The best way to ensure that you stay on top of the situation is by ensuring that you are well informed about the happenings of the world in this COVID-19 pandemic. The world is thrust into chaos with news and media agencies generally reporting the sad news that occurs on a daily basis. So equip yourself with the knowledge and precautionary measures of preventing and beating COVID.

3. Be Opinionated 📢

The best way to be opinionated is to make yourself heard and by making a difference. This can help your self-esteem and anxiety by being more in tune to your opinions. One great way you can do this while also getting paid is by taking surveys on Zippy Opinion, where you can make your voice be heard loud and clear while also making your very own dent in the world, one opinion at a time.

4. Play Video Games 🎮

While you may hear from various that games can cause violence rom the player, many studies have debunked that theory and proved that gaming can help people relax and take it easy. Many individuals are use gaming as a way to help them calm down from the confusion going on in the world. Gaming can help take you to a whole new reality and make you let go of the current reality for a few minutes or hours. We say minutes or hours as gaming can be even playing 5 minutes on your smartphone or even for a few hours on your gaming console.

5. Talk to your friends (Virtually) 📲

Although there’s a much better satisfaction in being able to see and meet your friends in person, the last year has made things a lot easier for us digitally with the crazy number of apps and software being pushed through for our benefit. So make full use of the technology by talking to your friends either via video calling, online gaming or even a good old fashioned phone call. Cuz nothing beats having a great conversation and being empathetic and understanding with the people you love and care for the most.

6. Learn new things 🙋

No, we don’t mean you have to pick up a skill for your work. If you want to, that’s great. But if you don’t want to do something work-related, then that’s okay too. If you have something that you’re passionate about, then, by all means, go ahead and do it. Whether that’s something like painting, playing an instrument or even learning about new fun apps and having a laugh with your family or alone, do what helps you deal with stress. You mental health is important and it is imperative you are in the best of health to deal with situations better.

7. Do nothing ⚪️

Sometimes, doing nothing is the best thing you can do. Instead of working up stress by planning to do something or actually doing something, do nothing. This is a mantra that one should follow in order to help oneself release stress. The world can be complicated and you might get tangled in that mess of a web. So do nothing and unwind for a while. This can help you release stress and enable you to manage dealing with COVID anxiety.

When it’s all said and done

However you look at it, COVID-19 isn’t going away anytime soon. It is understandable if you’re going through some of the unspoken aftermath of the effect that this pandemic has caused. Whether that’s social anxiety or any other thing you deem to be mentally crippling you in your daily life, it’s always going to be tough. What truly matters is that we all come out of it as stronger and better as a human race. What are your thoughts on this matter, Zippians? Have you been dealing with a lot of COVID anxiety? Or do you get anxious in intervals? Whichever it is, we wish you the best and hope you all get through this safely and better equipped to deal with the ‘new normal.’


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