Paid Online Surveys: How it Works and Why You Should Register?

India’s top Paid Online Survey Portal rolls out Facebook Contests

Hashtag. Like. Comment. Share. This is the language the current tech-savvy generation speaks in. Social media is an ever-growing channel which brands leverage to effectively communicate and engage with their customers. Digitally forward brands connect with their myriad consumers and maintain open channels through portals such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc..

We at Zippy Opinion are no different. We love our members, and they love us. Forming a seamless connection between brands and their customers might be the primary goal of our paid online survey portal, but the happiness of our members supersedes everything else. With this goal in mind, we organize bi-monthly Facebook contests to not only form a bond with our members, but also give them free vouchers, rewards, coupons, and more to enhance their Zippy experience.

We have found that these Facebook contests not only strengthen our relationship with our members but also manages to put a smile on their face while engaging with their fellow Zippians. We carefully curate our contests around interesting trivia, festivals, and current affairs to not only keep our contests interesting but also strengthen the standing of our members as opinion leaders and decision makers. Zippians are on their toes and actively take part to win the giveaways. They earn not only through the paid online surveys we provide, but also through these Facebook contests.

Over the years, we have curated contests regarding topics like travel, food, and our history – to name a few. For instance, our recent #BalanceforBetter contest, which was designed around the modern woman and her story in today’s society drew thousands of Zippians to our social media pages.  The contest ran simultaneously on our India and US  pages, making it unique. Through this contest, we not only managed to spread awareness and encouraged people to share stories, but also provided our panelists a way to earn more free vouchers and cool rewards.

Another contest, the #WondrousWanderlust contest, saw our panelists exploring off-beat and unique places which added to the heavenly beauty of the country. Lakes, mountains, beaches, and forests – the beauty of our Earth is boundless. What better way to explore this beauty, than with your favorite opinion partner?

Apart from Facebook contests, we also hold flash giveaways. In flash giveaways, we keep a brief window of time where everyone who engages with our posts walks away with rewards. As simple as that! Our Christmas flash giveaway drew a large crowd, and keeping the spirit festive; we put a smile on their faces.

So, are you ready to join this paid online survey portal which also lets you win on social media? Are you ready to obtain major bragging rights?

Come, sign-up now to join in on the fun. 


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