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3 Important Figures that made their Opinion heard

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It’s a bright afternoon with rays of sunlight glistening down through the gap between the leaves of the massive tree outside. As we write this, we see that while the sunlight is only about to cut through the open patches between the trees, it isn’t able to cut through the leaves huddled up together. This seems to be a perfect analogy for us as Zippians, but foremost as human beings. You see, we’re now in deep thought. And we compare the trunk of the tree to the Zippy Opinion platform, one of the best paid survey sites. The leaves are Zippians, who do not let the powerful do as they please. While a singular leaf may be struck through by harsh sunlight, together, they can even block something as strong as the rays of the sun from hitting the surface. Each leaf is different and unique in its own way. But together, with different opinions under single umbrella, the members of Zippy Opinion have the strength of a thousand suns, being opinionated, unapologetically. We fortunate to have Zippians such as yourself now. Meanwhile, there are some individuals that take front and center and have been recognized as great people for inspiring their followers all by themselves. These people were opinionated and loud. And we want everyone to feel inspired by them today. So let’s take a stroll together and find out who these inspirational personalities are, shall we?

Let’s go, black woman saying let’s go

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

Elected in 1860 as President of the United States of America, Abe Lincoln was one of the most influential personalities ever to exist in the world. He was very impactful in ending the Civil War between the North and Southern states that wanted to abolish slavery and support slavery respectively. The Civil War which was a bloody affair left more than 600,000 Americans dead. But Lincoln was formidable in his steps in ensure that everyone deserved equal right and that they should not be discriminated on the basis of the color of their skin.

These days, Republicans tend to have conservative views and Democrats tend to have progressive views. The fact that President Abraham Lincoln was from the Republic party only continues to boggle minds since we can only imagine how influential and persuasive he had to be to not only convince the opposing Democrats but also his fellow conservative Republicans! He made his voice known by standing true to his conscience and gut and that’s how he changed history forever. A president that is universally loved by Americans even today.

Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks, Civil Rights

The African-American woman who changed it all in the mid-50’s for people of color all over America. This story is very well known in American history. So if you’re not aware yet, you better be aware of it now.

On a late cold evening in December 1st, 1995, on the bustling roads in the capital of Alabama, Rosa Parks, a seamstress by profession, on boarded the bus. But this wasn’t any regular bus. This was a now rightfully defunct ‘segregated’ bus. This entailed that there were section where only white people could sit and a section where African-American people could sit. The front section was for the Caucasians while just behind them was a section for the Black Community, where Rosa Parks sat. When the ‘White’ section was completely filled up and more Caucasian people boarded the bus, the driver asked members from the Black community to give their seats up for the white men. However, Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat and just sat there instead. This one act changed the recent history of division among Americans everywhere. Even President Obama credits Rosa Parks’ actions as a “Singular act of disobedience” that propelled the new Civil Rights movement that is relevant event today. If nothing else, this story is a reminder that if things seem unjust, even a single opinionated person can make all the difference for the better.

Martin Luther King Jr.


MLK, Martin Luther King

These were the hopeful but opinionated voice of Martin Luther King Jr. while giving his infamous speech in front of an audience of 250,000 at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington. He dreamt and hoped that one day, all the citizens and inhabitants of the United States would not be judged by the color of their skin but from their personal qualities. Four years after he received the Nobel Peace Prize for his non-violent campaign against racism, he was unjustly murdered by a white racist in 1968. His efforts did not go in vain though. The very next year after his speech, the US President at the time, President Johnson passed a law that prohibited all forms of racial discrimination.

Where do you stand?

These 3 figures were fundamental and opinionated and made a difference. If they could do it, so can you. So let’s take baby steps here. You can also make your opinion count by speaking your mind. Influence the trends and the functions of brands by answering a few surveys and even getting paid. Join Zippy Opinion TODAY!


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