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The 6 most common marriage-ending Financial Issues


Let us be blunt about it. Marriage isn’t easy! It takes a lot of commitment, energy and financial stability to make it work between two individuals. There may be many issues that arise between married couples no matter how long they have been together. We, at Zippy Opinion, one of the best paid survey sites in the world, want to talk about the financial and social issues that may break the bond between two people in wedlock.

What are the most common money issues in a marriage?

Most common marriage ending money issues
  1. Income

Differences in income can go either way. When one spouse earns more than another, there are individuals that may deal with it successfully, while others don’t. There is a clash in the ego that may constitute to having differences of opinion when it comes to purchasing various household items. This may be extended to major purchase decisions as well. When one partner earns more than another, there may be a power disparity between the two. The differences in opinion may lead to having a go at each other to heated arguments that could heat up the room! The two partners must learn to respect one another and understand that they are both equals in making financial decisions, despite one earning more than another in order to maintain a harmonious union of marriage.

  1. Personality and Compatibility

Here us out. Personality and compatibility are crucial factors when it comes to financial issues as well. For example, when one spouse is extroverted and more outgoing, they tend to invest more money on social events and occasions. While if their partner is more introverted and does not want to invest in social events, it may lead to a clash between the two when it comes to financial spending. For example, one spouse may want to throw a huge party for friends and family for an anniversary while their partner may want to privately spend it with just their significant other. In instances such as this, their difference in personality and compatibility may eventually lead to the breakdown in their marriage.

  1. Debt

One partner bringing in debt of any sort will be incurred by their partner as well. For example, Mark Deeney, a lawyer who had taken a huge bank loan for his education gets married to Rachel Adams, a self-made working businesswoman with no debt. Rachel finds out about Mark’s student debt only after wedlock and this can be a major factor in the financial stability of their marriage. Mark may be able to pay the loan himself. However, during times of uncertainty or during a period of financial crisis or a pandemic (like COVID-19), Mark loses his job due to the economy and the brunt of the financial load has to be borne by Rachel, who may not be thrilled with the situation. This financial issue may lead to the end of their marriage.

  1. Children

Should we have children or not have children? It is a question for the ages. While the two partners may have differing plans on having children, one has to acknowledge that having a child is a HUGE expense on the family. The time, money and energy and emotional strength needed to birth and care for a child till it is able to earn and be independent is a massive uphill battle. As rewarding as being a parent, it comes at a massive cost to care for another member of a family. This huge issue may come in between the partners and the bond between the two partners may cease to exist over time, ultimately leading to separation, annulment or divorce. It is always wise to communicate about issues as important as this well before getting married to your significant other.

  1. Future Goals

A partner may want to move to another country to seek better opportunities for growth in their career or for a better life in general due to amenities, needs and requirements not being fulfilled in the country they are in. While their partner may be content and satisfied with what they have and is comfortable in the position they are in now due to the huge financial toll it may take on moving abroad to a foreign country. If we’re being honest, moving to another country is a gamble. Things may or may not work out for the better. But the monetary sum to be invested in such a venture is undeniable. Their difference in opinion for their future goals may lead even a very happy couple to split and go about their own separate ways.

  1. Property

This is a hot take! But yes, property issues are a financial issue and we have to talk about it. When two individuals get married, they bring in their assets to the union. However, one partner may misuse this to attain the property or asset to themselves due to their greed. From just talking about things to differences of ideas and opinions to flaring arguments and fights, this issue could cause a major mistrust and lack of understanding and communication between the two married souls and finally end up in them separating and leading their own paths ahead.

How can we deal with money issues in a marriage?

While money matters may be a sensitive issue to talk about with your spouse, it is crucial that there has to be proper communication between the two individuals before getting married. This could range from even minor things to big purchase decisions. Any possible differences or variations in both individual and collective goals have to be spoken about well before marriage! It is imperative that both partners must respect and be understanding of each other’s goals. One must also do a lot of introspection as well as put themselves in the other person’s shoes to grasp the situation as a whole to have a better marriage. This will build a strong foundation to the marriage and not let it crumble when things get tough.

4 healthy ways to cope with divorce

In some cases, there may be no way out of these unavoidable money issues as well as other underlying issues. And as unfortunate as it seems, the best way to go about it is for the partners to go about it their own separate ways. But dealing with separation and divorce isn’t easy either. So, we at Zippy Opinion have a few thoughts worth considering on how to go about dealing with a divorce in a healthy manner.

4 healthy ways to cope with divorce
  1. Seek professional help

Emotional stability is key to having a successful personal life and career. If you are able to think and reason logically and rationally, then you will be in the best state of mind to make good decisions that benefit you. While going through a divorce, one may have to deal with a lot of emotional grieving. The best way to address this is by seeking professional help with a therapist that can help you understand who you are and what you need to do next for your best interest.

  1. Discover yourself

Go hiking. Play that game you’ve always wanted to play. Take a vacation to set your mind free and move on from a marriage. Basically, do things that make you happy and content. These activities will help nurture a positive environment for you to heal and be in a better state of mind, which in turn leads to you being able to deal with tough situations better. All we’re asking you to do is love yourself. We understand that it may be tough to kick-start this new way of life from a routine that you may have previously had. But discovering yourself may be one of the best things to might happen to you! With new experiences come new memories and a refreshed and strong-minded individual. So go on and pamper yourself a little!

  1. Reach out for support

Talk to your friends and family. Everyone has a different way of handling the grief and sorrow of a divorce but if you have people in your life that care about you and support you, then go ahead and let them lend you their ear. Listening is an underrated skill that not many people possess. Letting all the frustration, anger, sadness and other emotions that are occupying your mind and making things heavy for you may ease the burden if you talk to individuals that love and understand you. It is completely okay to be cared for and be emotionally vulnerable if you are receiving positivity from them.

  1. Focus on your career

While this may not work for everyone, it does do the trick for some. While the journey and destination of a marriage may fall apart, it may lead to the lack of a clear path in your personal life. In times like this, the energy used for this can be channeled to your career. A strong-willed mind of focus in your career path may help you move on from the burden of emotional sadness of a marriage falling apart or breaking down. While this may not work for everyone, it does wonders for some others as some people require their personal life to be stable to have a better focus on their careers. So take this career-oriented advice with a pinch of salt.

Money and finance is an inescapable issue to talk about in a marriage. It is imperative that the above mentioned issues related to money must be communicated properly and adequately well before getting married to your significant other in order to have a healthy marital life. However, if you are facing already married and facing issues with finance and money and want to make it work with your partner, it is recommended that you find additional ways to make money by seeking the advice of a financial expert.

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