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Best Paid Online Survey Portal in the USA – Zippy Opinion

Have you ever wanted to voice your opinions about the services provided to you or the products you use? Did you hear about that friend who makes some good money by only answering questions on the internet? Have you ever wondered if these claims are legitimate or not? Well, for the most part, these claims are absolutely spot on. Barring a few sites which are set up to collect consumer data and nothing else, online surveys are emerging as one of the easiest and reliable ways to receive rewards for your thoughts and opinions.

Zippy Opinion, one of the best online survey portals, connects consumers with their favorite brands through paid online surveys. Consumers can share their feedback, suggestions, and opinions on the products and services they use every day with the brands, and get paid for it! All you have to do is register to Zippy Opinion, provide a few details regarding your demographic and daily life, and you are set!

We would like to extend you a warm welcome to Zippy Opinion, a Community of Opinion Leaders. Here at Zippy Opinion, we strive to provide only the best of the best online surveys from organizations of global repute. Surveys from trending sectors like healthcare, banking and IT come to you. You can attend these well-thought-out surveys and make your opinions heard with just a few clicks, and receive rewards from our reward partners brands of global repute such as Amazon, Flipkart, and Gift XOXO.

Zippy Opinion falls in the list of the best online survey portals in the USA since we are designed to help our consumers connect with their favorite brands. The data collected is then churned and used by companies to provide better products and services to consumers like you. Attending our online surveys is very easy since you can take it up anywhere and at any time. You can take our surveys during your break at work or on your commute, or even when you are simply bored. You can even pause the survey and continue at a later time of your choosing.

Want to know how to get started? We have made the registration process easy and simple. You need to follow a few steps to successfully monetize your free time.

  • Easy Sign-up
  1. Register
  2. Confirm your registration and receive instant joining bonus.
  3. Complete your profile to receive even more Zippy Points.
  4. You are now ready to start earning!
  • Attend our Paid Online Surveys
  1. Based on your profile details, surveys that best suits you will be sent across to your registered email address. You can also check for the survey opportunities at any time under your dashboard.
  2. For each survey that you complete, you will win anywhere between 25 to 250 Zippy Points that you can accumulate and then redeem for exciting awards. Longer the survey, higher the points.
  • Join our Referral Program
  1. Panelists have the option to earn even more Zippy Points by referring their friends and family to Zippy Opinion.
  2. A referral is successful when the referred person registers and completes at least one survey.
  • Earn Rewards
  1. Every point that enters your kitty will fetch you rewards! Upon accumulating 1000 Zippy points, you can exchange them for gift vouchers/ coupons worth USD 10 as per your choice.
  2. Please be advised that it takes a maximum of 4-6 weeks to process the Vouchers. The Voucher codes will be sent to your registered email address.

Another easy and popular way to earn more rewards is by taking part in our bi-weekly social media contests that are sure to add some excitement to your Zippy experience. If you thought that was it, then you are wrong. Zippy Opinion also provides you the option of participating in Sweepstakes. It is a contest where you purchase a ticket by paying 500 Zippy Points and stand a chance to win 2500 Zippy Points!

Zippy Opinion boasts of nearly 6.5 million panelists who have successfully completed over 11 million surveys and have earned over a billion reward points. Don’t believe us? You can find out for yourself. Head to our testimonials section to read reviews from happy Zippians on our website. We also have a wall of fame where have listed all the people who have won our social media contests. What are you still waiting for? Come join the best paid online survey portal in the USA – Zippy Opinion. It is our motto to reward every consumer.

Psst. If this wasn’t enough, we are delighted to announce our mobile app, which makes answering surveys on the go even easier! The app is completely free for both Android and iOS users.

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