Make Money on Mobile, Download Survey App Now

Make Money on Mobile! Download Survey App Now

Right now, if someone asked you to list the apps you used in the past week on your smartphone, what apps would make it to the list? We’re guessing your list includes Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, a music app, your camera app, and a browser. That doesn’t seem like a lot of apps, but if we instead asked you how much time you spent on your smartphone in a day, we would know a different story. Smartphone users are spending increasing amounts of time staring at digital screens with seemingly no real outcome.

The Advent of the Smartphone:

The smartphone has taken over and replaced dozens of gadgets that were an indispensable part of our lives. We no longer use watches, calendars, bulky landlines, camera, radio, music players, calculator, and flashlight, to name a few. The smartphone has integrated itself into our lives and it does seem like the single most important gadget of the 21st century so far. 

Top money making apps the way to go

Despite this popularity and necessity of a smartphone, we have to ask ourselves one crucial question – What more can we get out of it? How can we make meaningful use of the time spent on our mobile phones?
As always, time is always the most valuable commodity we possess. We need to ensure that the time we invest in our smartphones leads to positive returns, in terms of money or a value equivalent. Thanks to the advent of technology and the need to hear the voice of the consumer, it is easier than it ever was to make money on mobiles! Intrigued? Read on to find out more.

Ways to Earn Money on Mobile:

A quick search on your Android Play Store or the Apple iStore regarding the top money making apps reveals that the world of monetization is vast. The app store, like all good things, contains both legitimate and not-so-legitimate apps. Some apps provide genuine offerings, while other apps try to rip you off some money and personal information. It is up to the user’s discretion to eliminate the genuine offers from the fake ones. 

Despite the plethora of choices, paid surveys emerge as one of the most popular ways to earn money online through top money making apps. As mentioned earlier, top brands are always looking for direct consumer feedback, which they use to improve and streamline their production processes. This is where paid survey aggregators such as Zippy Opinion come in.

(Now we will give you a small hint – Genuine paid survey apps help to make money on mobile and do not ask for anything in return except your opinions. You do not have to share confidential details such as your bank details, social security details, government IDs, etc.. If you come across websites and apps asking for such confidential details, make sure you run the other way!)

Convinced with the idea of paid surveys? Join Now to begin reaping the benefits.

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Paid Online Surveys: Best way to make Money Online

Paid online survey apps such as Zippy Opinion pass on surveys from popular consumer brands to members who have registered to their portal. To become a member of a paid survey app, you need to enter a few simple details such as your email ID, name, and mobile number. Upon successful completion of registration, you need to verify your registration by following the link sent to you via email.

Once you have successfully joined a paid survey app, you can begin to make money on mobile by answering simple surveys. Members amass points for each successful survey complete. Once you reach the redemption threshold of the survey app, you can redeem it against voucher from popular consumer or e-commerce brands.

The next time you are endlessly scrolling on your Instagram or Facebook feed, remember, you could be spending that time on a top money making app and make money online!

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