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10 Useful Hacks to help you Save Money

“Money can’t buy you happiness” 🤔

This is a phrase that’s been used multiple times over. You’ve probably heard a lot of people say this ever since you were young. But is it really true? Let’s dig deeper into the matter.

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In a research conducted by experts, it was found out that money can buy you happiness up to a certain point. The point in question is roughly about $75,000. Holy Cow! That’s a LOT! The study goes on to say that people that earned roughly $ 75,000 per year said that money can buy you happiness. Beyond that, emotional and mental well-being, as well as health, played major factors for happiness. Almost each and every one of us here is most likely earning well below that amount. So what does that really tell us?

Yes absolutely! Money undoubtedly does play a vital role in our happiness index and we agree! I’m sure a lot of y’all have the same understanding as well. While money can’t directly buy us happiness. It does give us the source to purchase and do things that make us happy. Visiting a foreign land, buying gifts for your loved ones, eating high-quality nutritional food are examples of things making us feel good and feel happier overall. All this requires money.

With these thoughts in place, we at Zippy Opinion would like to tell you some methods and ways to save up, cut-costs or even make additional money.

1. Invest in the stock market 📈

Don’t let your savings sit and stagnate. Make your money work for you. Make sure you put it into resources that make it grow. Study the stock market and watch how the trends of companies and growth are. Once you feel comfortable with all this, you may go ahead and get the right stock at the right price at the right time to watch your money grow and grow. If you believe the stock market is risky, then we suggest that you invest it in real estate, mutual funds or other forms of steady but sure growth. After all, the best way to make more money is by having and utilizing the money you currently have optimally.

2. Reuse, Reduce and Recycle ♻️

This is a golden rule we all must follow! We cannot stress this enough. Think about all the times you ended up throwing away something since you wanted to ‘clear up the clutter’ in your house. Instead, look at the DIY videos online to find out how you can repurpose common everyday items that you generally throw away. You can end up saving a ton of money just by reusing items you didn’t think you needed. So next time you throw things in the trash, think about how you can repurpose them in other ways.

3. Prep and cook your own food 🥘

If you end up ordering food all the time, you know exactly how expensive it really can be. It takes a chunk of your income, and more often than not, it isn’t very healthy. Even healthy food ordered from outside carries a premium pricing and burns a hole in your pocket. So what’s the best alternative? Easy – Learn to cook! Start by planning and prepping your meals well before. Read articles or watch videos for recipes’ on good healthy food you love to eat. If you believe that you don’t have enough time to coo, think again! Make time and learn. We believe it is simply a life skill that most people must know. Once you learn how to, watch how you end up having more money in your wallet by the end of the month.

4. Earn money by freelancing 👨‍💼️

If you still aren’t able to save any money to pay your bills in the given timeframe, then we suggest that you increase your revenue or income by some means. This could be anything from working in the local supermarket, babysitting for someone and all the way to freelancing and charging for your skills. However, all this is an uncertainty in this pandemic period. What is certain is that legit paid survey sites like Swagbucks and Zippy Opinion will reward you for your opinions and thoughts.

While we don’t know how much (or how little 😆) other paid survey sites offer or how low their rewards threshold is, but what we can talk extensively about is Zippy Opinion. Now you may ask – What in the world is Zippy Opinion, really? Well, I’m on their site reading this blog but what do they really do and how can they help me make some easy money? That’s an easy one. You register with us and we send you surveys. Then you get paid for it. It’s really as simple as that.

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How can I register to Zippy Opinion? (h3)

It’s easy as pie! All you gotta do is-

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It is completely free to join us. We charge ZERO registration fees. Sign up to have a hassle-free experience.

Since you’re still reading this and are interested in Zippy Opinion, you must be in it for the long haul. So why not register and be part of the Zippy Opinion Community, where you can reap loads of rewards and pay off your debt, a little at a time.

5. Using coupons is underrated 🎟️

Before making any purchases online, do yourself a favor and google coupons from the store or platform you’re ordering from. More often than not, you get valid discount coupons that can reduce your purchase cost by even as much as 70% sometimes! When coupons are available for free, what’s stopping you from using them? The more you know, the more you save!

6. Implement the 25% Savings rules 💱

The unwritten rule of saving is that you transfer 25% of your income to another bank account to another source of storage. The storage could be a fixed deposit or even investing the amount in mutual funds. With 25% of your income retained as savings, the remaining 75% can be used to cover your expenses for the month. Watch yourself smile in the mirror at the end of the year when you see the amount of saving you’ve made.

7. Get insurance 💰

Life events are mostly uncertain. We wish no one would ever need to take up an insurance policy for anything at all. However, some unpredictable factors come into the picture which could eat up all your savings. For example, if your car was to be involved in a crash tomorrow, then paying for it would end up costing you a fortune! Instead, invest a little in insurance to ensure that you don’t have to break the bank if or when unfortunate events occur.

8. Buying used products 📱

Buying something that is pre-owned in good working condition will definitely bring down your purchase costs massively. Sometimes even 80% of the cost that the product was originally bought for! At the end of the day, you want to use something that is functional and usable while not also costing you an arm and a leg. So go ahead and buy second-hand products like cars, fridges, washing machines, etc. They’re all available via online as well offline sources. All you have to do is look. Plus, by buying used items, you are also being an absolute gem by cutting down your carbon footprint which translates to being environmentally friendly!

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9. Don’t buy with money you don’t have 🤡

It’s easy to get credit from banks either loans or even in the form of a credit card. You see this really cool pair of pants that looks perfect to the party you’re going to attend this weekend. But you’re broke. What seems like a lifeline appears in front of you – A credit card! It may be very tempting to use it now and worry about your expenses later. However, you end up incurring interest that compounds and grows and you most likely end up paying a lot more than you originally intended. To add to it, beware of credit card charges!

10. Always pay using non-physical currency 💳

In the non-COVID era, we would’ve told you to always pay cash. However, the pandemic has changed it all. Cash is circulated around to so many people and therefore tends to have the risk of having the COVID-19 virus on it. Let’s avoid that altogether and pay only through non-physical means. We would even recommend you not to pay via swiping your debit or credit card either. We strongly suggest you stick to online banking or payment apps to pay for your expenses. This negates the risk of catching the virus through physical means. As catching it could be financially heavy and could cause a lot of sorrow for you and your loved ones.

It’s all about the Money, Money, Money! 🤑

Money is an indispensable part of our lives. It has been and will always be. Whether it is in the form of cash, digital currency, coupons, vouchers, etc. It makes us by things that help us satisfy our needs and helps make life easier for our loved ones. That is simply the undeniable truth. Money isn’t evil. We at Zippy Opinion believe it is merely a form of income and payment. Human beings can be evil or good with money. With this in mind, let’s ensure that we make good use of money to grow and help our loved ones and others in need.

What are your thoughts on this? Tell us what you think in the comment section below. If you’re interested in money matters, check out our blog on The 6 most common marriage-ending Financial Issues.


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Are paid surveys worth the time?

You definitely won’t replace a full or a part-time job filing out paid surveys… that’s for sure. But hey at least you take care of those of those pesky electric bills, phone bills among others, that’s still helps A LOT!

Are there any membership rules I should know about?

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